Schmack Attack


My Schmackary’s box from our end of March/beginning of April jaunt in the city. It’s not something you can tire of, after all. They’re so absolutely delicious and always look so delicious (I take a photo of every single one, alright), to say nothing of the scent. I actually had a look at the calendar and had planned what day we’d drop by, solely because I was determined to get a Dirty Leprechaun – it was worth it! It was probably my favorite, with the Black & Tan the next runner up. But honestly they’re all so close. You can see my full selection below – Lucky Charmed, Black & Tan, Sch’mores, Dirty Leprechaun, Funfetti, and Peanut Butter Cup.

Schmackary’s offers “lip-schmackin’ good cookies” at locations in Manhattan (Hell’s Kitchen, 45th & 9th) and Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Bedford Avenue). The store offers over forty five unique flavors, with specials for seasons and holidays. Cookies can be shipped nationwide, and one can even send cookies to their favorite Broadway stars.


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