Blossoms In Central Park


From our long walk on April Fool’s Day through Central Park that I mentioned in this post. We had lunch near Rockefeller a little early, and then took a little bit of a winding path to the Historical Society (which I don’t think I have any photos of with respect to, you know, feet). It was rainy and, as it often happens, there was enough wind to have a cover of petals across our path. As you can see, I didn’t pause long enough for a decent photo, so just action shots, until our walk back on the western side of the park (wherein we had a couple of stop-and-rest-for-a-moment pauses).


The New York Historical Society is an institution meant to explore and share history and art of the city and the nation. The Society was founded in 1804. The museum, located on 77th street just off Central Park’s western edge, is the oldest museum in New York City. It is open for 6 – 8 hours daily, excluding Mondays for a small fee.



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