Do Come Again, Madam


The evening of April Fool’s Day this year was spent in a hot and drizzly New York City. After our 60 block walk (round trip, give or take a few) to the Historical Society and back, we eased our tired feet in Studio 54 with the distinctive and lovely tones of Laura Benanti, Zac Levi, and Gavin Creel in She Loves Me. Zac happens to be one of K’s favorites, and comedies are always a good idea, so it didn’t take any arguing settling on the idea of this show. While at times I found it hard to follow the story in the song, probably due in part to an untrained ear and my slight exhaustion – and also the extremely close proximity of half the orchestra – the overall story was simple enough and while it definitely took a decidedly darker turn with respect to a few characters than I expected, it was very entertaining.

I do prefer orchestra seats in general, but I have to admit that the mezzanine does provide a better opportunity for a photo. The below is from the lobby where we were allowed to wait before the doors opened – you don’t always have the luxury of being inside before a show, so it was definitely a very pleasing plus.


She Loves Me is a revival of the 1963 musical of the same name based on the play Parfumerie by Miklos Laszlo. The story follows two perfume shop employees, who take very little pleasure in working with one another, but are unknowingly writing one another as anonymous lonely-hearts pen pals, who happen to be decidedly in love with one another. It doesn’t stop there, as each of Maraczek’s six employees have thorough plots of their own – from tangled love affairs to simply trying their best at their job. She Loves Me has 8 Tony nominations this year, including Best Revival of a Musical, and individual noms for stars Zachary Levi, Laura Benanti, and Jane Krakowski. The production, located at Studio 54 on 54th street, is currently set to close on July 10.


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