USS Intrepid


From last July. Again. I didn’t know I took this picture until after we’d returned to our hotel. I promptly deleted it, but somewhere between that day and the twenty some odd ones that Apple gives you before permanently deleting photos, I decided I liked it. It’s entirely unplanned, there’s nothing even particularly interesting – except maybe that you can see my NYPL bag. Maybe. Museums are one of our favorite pass-times, so quite accidentally finding ourselves at the Intrepid’s harbor was something like fate, I suppose.

The USS Intrepid is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum in New York City. The carrier was commissioned in 1943 and was used in the Pacific Theater throughout World War II. It was also a recovery ship for certain NASA space missions. The Intrepid is anchored at Pier 86, at 46th Street and 12th Avenue. The museum is also home to the space shuttle Enterprise, submarine Growler, and British Airways Concorde.


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