Those Bicycle Boys With Their Flying Machines


My first read of the year. It was actually a Christmas gift, as it had been on my list for a while. As a North Carolina native, particularly one with ties to the coast, I’ve always had an interest. It wasn’t until recently that I really decided I wanted to learn more, though. I mean, I knew about December 1903, but I knew there had to be more of a story than just that. I don’t know why it took me so long. I’m quite a sucker for stories of family, after all.


The Wright Brothers is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel by noted historian David McCullough. The novel traverses the life of the two brothers from Dayton who changed the world with the invention of the first powered  glider. Their first flight in Kitty Hawk propelled the world into the age of flight. But Wilbur and Orville Wright were more than just a day in Kitty Hawk, as the novel explores their lives from the upbringing in Dayton where the idea took hold to Washington, New York, Paris, Berlin, and beyond.


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