After All, You Can’t Take It With You


From outside of the Longacre Theatre last November for You Can’t Take It With You. It’s always been sort of irritating that they don’t let you stand inside before the doors have opened. I mean, it’s specific to specific theatres, but, man. It was pretty damn cold that afternoon. Nonetheless, this was the first play we saw on Broadway, from the third row stage left. It was a good choice, because it was absolutely hilarious, while also having a little life lesson tacked in (as you do, of course).

You Can’t Take It With You was revived on Broadway in August of 2014 and ran through February of 2015. The play tells the story of the quirky Sycamore family, and a dinner party gone awry when the fiance of one of their daughters and his parents show up a day earlier than expected. The revival starred James Earl Jones, Rose Byrne, and Annaleigh Ashford in the Tony Award winning role of Essie Carmichael.


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