Things Go Wrong


From July again, more beach reading. (It was a good month, alright. And I’m not just saying that because it’s my birth month. Really, birthdays these days are just indicators of growing further away. I know that probably won’t always be the case, but anyway.) This was my first read. I actually managed to keep it within two days down by the sea, though I had read a few chapters during the week before because I was terribly impatient to read it in the first place. K and I just saw the movie over the weekend and, despite the differences, I’m just as enamored as ever.

The Martian by Andy Weir is a novel about an astronaut/botanist stranded on Mars. It’s one disaster after another, from a storm of unforeseen magnitude that forces an abort to the mission that strands Watney in the first place all the way to his last moments there, with plenty of explosions along the way. And science – lots of science. The film of the same name was released earlier this month and stars Matt Damon as the sole resident of the red planet, Mark Watney.


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