I’ve Got Fidgety Feet


From the front row of the Palace Theatre back in July for the matinee showing of An American in Paris. I was terribly thrilled to be seeing this show and front rows are always fantastic, but this particular show may have been better from slightly further back. That’s probably the only even mildly negative thing I have to say – I’d still recommend it heartily. As a bonus, after the stagedoor, we got to see the cast again with puppies in Shubert Alley for Broadway Barks.


An American in Paris is a new musical based on the 1951 film of the same name, filled to the brim with the music of Gershwin. The story follows five entwined stories – an American veteran and artist, a wounded vet and pianist, a Frenchman who dreams of being a singer, a French ballerina, and an American heiress – all while illuminating the revitalization of the city of Paris after the war. The musical is currently headlined by Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Brandon Uranowitz, Max von Essen, and Jill Paice, and plays eight shows a week at the Palace Theatre in the heart of Times Square.


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