Magic Shows And Miracles


Saw the tour of Pippin a few weeks ago. K and I learned box seats have their drawbacks, as some of the magic might get a little lost when you can see the tricks. On the up side, it’s probably the only place suitable for a shot like this, shy of plopping yourself down in an aisle and lifting your feet in the air, of course. Either way, I’m simply pleased as punch to have finally gotten to see the show again.


Pippin tells the story of an extraordinary man trying to find a his purpose in life. A cast of players guides the audience, and Pippin himself, through glory, war, power, simple joys, love, and an ordinary life, along with a little magic. All of this, before attempting to deliver a grand finale that will remain seared in your memory forever.


2 thoughts on “Magic Shows And Miracles

  1. I enjoy the music of Pippin, though I never got to see it live. I don’t really like box seats though. I still prefer the typical stall seats or orchestra seats or mezzanine seats. Apparently different places use different terms for the seats.


    1. The music is really wonderful, isn’t it? I can’t attest to the original, but the revival is one of my favorites. It was an incredible experience on Broadway – I’ve never quite felt that way during another show. One good thing about the box seats is that you were close enough to really see everything. Except the higher things, of course, as we couldn’t see the words for the sing-a-long toward the end of act one. Sometimes the mezzanine or balcony seats are so far away that you miss certain things (there was definitely a few things I missed the first time we saw American Idiot, for instance).

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